The Savior is to be found within, not elsewhere. The source of knowledge enabling us to understand what happens to us is found within. No other person can dictate to any one of us some attitude or course of action that we must follow blindly.

The Teacher prefers us with our eyes open. He is that intelligence within us that opens our hearts and our eyes to the outside, to that world in which — either for a long time or a short time more — we must live, feel, think, hurt, cry, laugh, and love. . . .

Observe, be attentive, see what can be done; but do not waste your time, your energy, and your soul with any sort of blame. You are the result of your actions and attitudes, and it is only through them that you can be transformed and hope for a better life.

Jean-Yves LeLoup, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup, translator, Joseph Rowe, translator