Yes, I participate in a traditional, committed guru-disciple relationship with a spiritual master who I am fully convinced can, with my conscious, mature and complete participation, personally guide me to the expression of my highest potential in this lifetime. I am in it for the long haul. In eight years of life with my teacher and his teacher, I a have seen and experienced feats of extraordinariness that few people would believe possible, and that even fewer have known. The miracles of matter and spirit are fascinating, but what has grabbed my heart and reorganized my mind are the miracles of love — experiences that have permanently expanded limiting beliefs about the possibility for a human being to participate in a technology that produces love without limitation and service free of all selfish motivation: the literal cellular and alchemical transformation of the heart and the body. The price for this possibility, I am told, is one's life.

Mariana Caplan, Do You Need A Guru?