Try taking the "I" out of relationships with those whom we're not getting along with or toward whom we feel hostile. Try to see their behavior as a manifestation of their own pain and confusion. Wish them to be happy and to be free of misery and bewilderment. Apply this to people in your life with whom you have problems, be they personal problems or global conflicts, and see if it's possible to soften your tough preconceptions a bit. Start out with someone for whom your hostility is mild, not the person you hate the most. Next, try with another person who you dislike more. Then go on to a person that you feel afraid of or threatened by, and think that way in relation to him or her. As you relax into a more loving state, let your mind/heart rest in the state of forgiveness. Let go of anger and let your mind be peaceful. If you are able to take the next step, imbue your mind with the loving feeling that wants them to be happy.

Thubten Chodron, How to Free Your Mind