On one occasion [St.] Francis [of Assisi] and Brother Masseo went begging bread in a small village. Returning with a few dried crusts, they searched until they found a spring for drinking and a flat rock for a table. As they ate their meager lunch, Francis exclaimed several times, "Oh Brother Masseo, we do not deserve such a great treasure as this!" Finally, Brother Masseo protested that such poverty could hardly be called a treasure. They had no cloth, no knife, no dish, no bowl, no house, no table. Elated, Francis replied, "That is what I consider a great treasure — where nothing has been prepared by human labor. But everything has been supplied by Divine Providence, as is evidenced in the baked bread, fine stone table, and the clear spring." Joyfully they finished their meal and then journeyed on toward France "rejoicing and praising the Lord in song."

St. Francis of Assisi , Freedom of Simplicity by Richard J. Foster