Why should we show filial piety towards our parents? Because they have toiled and suffered on our behalf. Why should we give to schools, hospitals, and fire departments? Because they have taught us, saved us, and protected us. Without them, we would not have knowledge, medical treatment or a sense of security. Appreciation and charitable donations are indeed acts of gratitude.

A very wealthy man once gave a party to celebrate the completion of his new mansion. He asked the workers to sit at the head of the table and relegated his children to another area. No one could understand the seating arrangement, so the guests asked the wealthy man for an explanation. He explained, "The workers are the ones who built the house, so we should be thankful and not forget their hard work. However, my children are the future sellers of the estate, so they do not deserve a seat at the head table."

Master Hsing Yun, Let Go, Move On by Master Hsing Yun, Miao Hsi, translator, Cherry Lai, translator