How do you view others? With suspicion, jealousy, disdain or prejudice? Some may say, "The sage has eyes for heroes." True heroes are rare in this world and not many people possess the eyes of a sage, so it is more important if we are able to view sentient beings with the eyes of compassion.

Unfortunately, most do not view others with compassion, but instead, look at the wealth of others with a covetous eye, or even take pleasure in others' misfortunes. Some may only have eyes for others' shortcomings instead of their strengths. Or, they may choose to look at falsehoods instead of the truth. It is such a shame when one's beautiful eyes are turned into sharp knives and fierce swords with which to stab and pierce others.

Master Hsing Yun, Let Go, Move On by Master Hsing Yun, Miao Hsi, translator, Cherry Lai, translator