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Nilton Bonder in Yiddishe Kop Why not answer a question with another question?
The Hour of Sunlight Sami Al Jundi and Jen Marlowe on their mission to uproot the hatred and bigotry gripping the peoples of Palestine and Israel.
Transforming Our Terror Christopher Titmuss on steps to end our prejudices.
Edward Hays in Prayer Notes to a Friend Bartender Prayer
Abraham Isaac Kook in To Heal a Fractured World Terrible darkness that causes general destruction
Carl Ernst in Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam Islam has negative images and stereotypes
Joan Chittister in Wisdom Distilled from the Daily Hospitality means we take people
Joan Chittister in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Turning a prejudiced world around
Observe and Report A spiritual exercise for the heart that offers us a chance to look for the good in a socially awkward, bigoted, violent, and loathsome individual.
Neil Douglas-Klotz in The Sufi Book of Life I was smuggling donkeys