As I continued my walk down the backside of Kurama Mountain through the thick, dark green bamboo forest, I knew I was coming down [as] a different person. A door had been opened. I was filled with an insatiable desire to discover the wealth of wisdom embedded in other great religions of the world.

In following this path I intuitively knew that my Christian faith would continue to deepen, and I sensed that I would arrive at a more global sense of the wonder, the beauty, the majesty, and the justice of God — the God of a thousand names and faces. Passing through the temple gate to Mount Kurama opened my eyes to seek and value wisdom and to nurture it from wherever it comes. By a random hike I found myself traveling down a bright new path of enlightenment that had been trod by many before me. I understood in my inner being that I could have it all — that there was no need to reject any religion, philosophy, or source of enlightenment that nourishes the soul.

Anne Rowthorn, Your Daily Life Is Your Temple