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The Better World Handbook Resources and plans of action for individuals and groups working for positive social change.
Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice Daniel G. Groody on seeing Earth from space and seeing our connection to one another.
A Pilgrim in Aquarius Celebrates the New Age as a community of imagination where everyday spirituality, co-creativity, and world-building go hand in hand.
Independence Day The ultimate special effects spectacular.
The work of civilization is unfolding spiritual understanding The work of civilization is unfolding spiritual understanding
Every Day Hospitality Thea Jarvis on how hospitality allows us to function with grace and dignity.
Harm Not the Earth Megan McKenna on building community locally and globally.
Cosmopolitanism Kwame Anthony Appiah on cosmopolitanism's emphasis on both difference and universality.
Money Makes The World Go Around Makes the dynamics of the global economy accessible to those of us who are similarly untrained in such complex financial matters.
Imagine All the People Explores spiritual practices that can heal the world.