By practicing rejoicing we can go far beyond counteracting jealousy. Rejoicing introduces us to the wealth of the world. With this practice, we might feel more fulfillment than we would with having all the riches of the world drop right into our very lap. We start to notice the goodness in others, beginning with their inherent longing for happiness. Not a moment goes by that we can't rejoice in the potential of mind or in the beauty around us. Even one moment of rejoicing in others' happiness and merit can sustain us for the entire day. It is like cultivating wealth through pennies. We are walking down the street, and we see something glimmering in the gutter. We pick it up — a penny! Then we start to look around, and we see more. Soon the streets are so full of pennies, our pockets can't even hold them all.

Dzigar Kongtrul, Light Comes Through