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Peaceful Heart A substantive look at how patience can be an antidote to aggression and help us maintain a peaceful heart.
Peaceful Heart An introduction to how patience removes obstacles to our having an open and tender heart.
Training in Tenderness An immensely appealing tribute to the spiritual practice of an open heart.
Training in Tenderness Wisdom from inside opens our hearts
The Intelligent Heart An analogy revealing how the mind-set of the bodhisattvas can free us from our habitual self-importance and help us transcend suffering.
The Intelligent Heart Wise and practical steps toward putting others ahead of yourself and seeking in all things to benefit them.
It's Up to You Dzigar Kongtrul on having the courage to encounter suffering with compassion.
Light Comes Through Dzigar Kongtrul on connection through indebtedness, leaving no room for indifference.
Light Comes Through Profound insights into the power of five self-centered emotions, working with others, and emptiness.
It's Up to You Heartfelt Buddhist teachings on training the mind, going beyond self-importance, and finding your place in the world.