I believe Tehiyyat Ha-Metim is the resurrection of matter. In the past we used to think of matter dead and unconscious. Today, in this age of nuclear technology, genetic engineering, and supercomputers, matter is becoming alive to us. We speak of atoms, molecules, and cells as strings of information. Biologists have discovered genetic consciousness as encoded in DNA and RNA. With the advent of the computer, we now think of the memory as resident in silicon, a stone chip. Our thinking about matter and the physical world has undergone a shift from death to life.

Tehiyyat Ha-Metim, the resurrection of the dead, can then mean the coming to total awareness of the planet as a living organism with which we are connected. As beings in connection with the holographic planet mind, we will be augmented in consciousness and enriched by all other conscious beings.

Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Wrestling with the Angel by Jack Riemer, editor