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The Rights of Extended Family A prayer to honor the rights of family.
The Rights of the Elderly A prayer of love and reverence for elders.
Responding to Evil with Good A teaching and prayer on forgiveness.
Lectio Divina with Myth or Folktale Excerpt A meditation prayer for a myth, fairy tale, folktale, or other story from the culture of an ancestor.
Dope Friendships Mantras for giving your time and energy to relationships and causes that authentically nourish you.
A Resource Toy Box An exploration of readily available resources that can help settle our bodies.
Six Steps to Showing Up and Speaking Up … Even If You’re Afraid Suggestions for becoming all you are meant to be.
Are You Acting Out Your Emotions or Acting On Your Emotions? Five steps for thinking before speaking.
Four Ways to Give a Clear No Ways to say no that help you maintain your relationships and your boundaries.
Compassion and Forgiveness A 15-minute meditation for when you are hurt by somebody.