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The Great Transformation A solid and substantial case for compassion as a spiritual practice that can save the world.
A History of God Offers a sweeping examination of the different ideas and practices centered around God.
Islam Karen Armstrong on the hospitality to all religions expressed in the Quran.
In the Beginning Plumbs the first book of the Bible for insights into the nature of God, the meaning of good and evil, and the essential mystery of life.
In the Beginning Karen Armstrong on the meaning of Genesis.
Islam Reveals the inner wellsprings of Islamic compassion as well its thirst for justice, hospitality, courtesy, and devotional richness.
The Battle for God An examination of the militant and vociferous voices of fundamentalists in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from a period covering 1492 - 1999.
The Future of God A lecture by the bestselling author about the evolution of our ideas of God.
Visions of God Examines these English believers who were pioneers.