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Three Gates to Meditation Practice Shares his spiritual journey over a 15-year period.
Kabbalah Revealed with David Cooper Probes the Kabbalah and soul mates, free will, and the battle between good and evil.
Silence, Simplicity and Solitude Excellent primer for spiritual seekers of all stripes.
A Heart of Stillness A clear and rich explanation of meditation.
God Is a Verb A masterwork filled with insights, epiphanies, and fresh approaches to the hidden secrets of the universe.
The Holy Chariot A nine-hour retreat on the mystical Kabbalah and the twelve paths to higher consciousness.
David A. Cooper in Entering the Sacred Mountain I have begun visualizing myself cradled
The Mystical Kabbalah An incisive and spiritually resonant interpretation of classical Judaism's mystical tradition.
Entering the Sacred Mountain Charts his spiritual journey and makes a good case for meditation during a rereat.
The main method of communication are visions The main method of communication are visions