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Practice Patience Wisdom about cultivating patience and suggestions for doing so.
Multifaith Prayer Service for the Nation Suggestions for planning a service that reflects on and promotes democratic values.
Practicing Democracy through Advocacy and Outreach Suggestions for incorporating virtues like fairness, social conscience, and service into civic advocacy and outreach.
Affordable Housing A call to be a part of advocating for adequate housing as a fundamental human right.
Prison and Detention Center Reform Encouragement to consider advocating for prison and detention center reform.
Put the Encyclical into Action A prompt to review and implement Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment and human ecology.
Consult Mother Nature Suggestions for how to consider the benefits and value of nature in business decisions.
Stir up Global Interdependence Encouragement to use the Earth Charter.
Practicing Democracy through Multifaith Engagement Practices that sustain the cherished democratic value of religious freedom.
Cultivating Compassion An accessible how-to guide with exercises to transform the mind and heart.