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Habib Todd Boerger Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice.
Practicing Democracy at Home Suggestions for approaching your everyday activities in ways that promote democratic values.
Reflect on Your Day Counsel on using the Examen prayer practice in relation to both your personal beliefs and American democratic values.
Watch Your Favorite Shows Attentively A proposal to use entertainment as an impetus to consider and develop democratic values.
Open to Others Suggestions for engaging viewpoints and people with whom we differ.
Have Check-ins at Dinner Advice on having democratic conversations at the dinner table.
Model Equality in Gender Roles How to practice the democratic value of equality in gender-equal parenting.
Travel with a Purpose Ideas for using vacations for learning about and connecting to our country, its lands, and its citizenry.
Hold Family Councils Encouragement to use family councils as a commitment to the common good of your family and community.
Attend an American Citizenship Ceremony Cultivating appreciation of our freedoms and strengthening connection to our country and its citizens.