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Behind this picture of Jesus as a healer Behind this picture of Jesus as a healer
The First Christmas Offers a parabolic reading of the infancy narratives in the Bible.
The Last Week The events and encounters during the last week in Jesus' life, as recorded in the Gospel of Mark and explored by two progressive contemporary Jesus scholars.
God at 2000 Seven thought-provoking speeches.
The Heart of Christianity A bellwether work that sets out in cogent, compassionate, and imaginative terms the direction of the Christian way in difficult times.
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Explores the Bible's origin, authority, and interpretation.
Jesus and Buddha Compares these two great teachers and finds similar messages about love, compassion, salvation, and the future.
The Meaning of Jesus This ambitious volume advances the cause of ecumenical dialogue.
The God We Never Knew Challenges us to re-imagine God, spiritual practice, justice, and salvation.
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time A breath of fresh air in the musty halls of Christian scholarship offering salutary new options for discipleship and dialogue in this era of revved-up spirituality.
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