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Jesus Marcus J. Borg on his vision of the Christian life.
Marcus J. Borg in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The hatching of the heart
Putting Away Childish Things A thought-provoking novel about the career challenges facing a popular professor of religious studies.
The Heart of Christianity Marcus J. Borg on the nature of Christian spiritual practice.
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time Marcus J. Borg assessing the historical Jesus and the heart of contemporary faith in light of compassion.
Convictions Marcus J. Borg on how theology is secondary to our relationship with God.
Evolution of the Word A new presentation of the New Testament writings in chronological order.
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Explores the Bible's origin, authority, and interpretation.
The God We Never Knew Marcus J. Borg on a more authentic Christian faith.
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time A breath of fresh air in the musty halls of Christian scholarship offering salutary new options for discipleship and dialogue in this era of revved-up spirituality.