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Making Every Action into Worship Intentional prayers to heighten awareness of God before such activities as getting up, showering, eating, and going to work.
Repentance and Return to Unity A nightly practice of accountability to achieve the deeper dimensions of tawba.
Nods to God Donna Schaper on embuing everyday life with the holiness of the Sabbath.
Lectio Divina Diogenes Allen's brief description of the Lectio Divina practice.
A New Light A prayer for a new light.
Connecting with God A modern prayer calling us to the multidimensional, multifaceted God.
The Jesus Prayer An explanation of hesychasm -- uninterrupted, contemplative prayer.
Interruptions Rick Hamlin on including interruptions in prayers.
New Year's Prayers & Blessing Devotional prayers about New Years, new beginnings, and the future.
The Reflective Pause A tool for listening to the voice of God in your day.