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Examine Your Motivation Encouragement to regularly consider the intentions underlying our actions.
God's Life A mantra suggestion from Richard Rohr.
Memorize the Text Jim Forest on memorizing the Beatitudes.
Give Me A prayer for a heart and life of gratitude and service.
O Lord, Give Me Eyes A prayer for eyes, mind, and soul that are only for God.
Making Every Action into Worship Intentional prayers to heighten awareness of God before such activities as getting up, showering, eating, and going to work.
Repentance and Return to Unity A nightly practice of accountability to achieve the deeper dimensions of tawba.
Nods to God Donna Schaper on embuing everyday life with the holiness of the Sabbath.
Lectio Divina Diogenes Allen's brief description of the Lectio Divina practice.
A New Light A prayer for a new light.