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Recognize the Intention Behind Anger A call for consciousness in response to our feelings of anger.
Learn to Say No Advice for when we're feeling burned out or overwhelmed.
Prison and Detention Center Reform Encouragement to consider advocating for prison and detention center reform.
Affordable Housing A call to be a part of advocating for adequate housing as a fundamental human right.
Cultivating Equanimity Phrases to use to create a balance between compassion and equanimity.
Dear God, My Son Prays (1992) An excerpt from a father's response to his son's prayer for a healthy paranoia because of the social ills he sees and feels as a young black person.
Good Friday Declarations of Awareness (1972) A supplication for trust in God for all that is needed to stand against evil.
Help Us as Citizens A request for God's help in finding and expressing our voice in civic engagement.
Prayer for Charity and a Preferential Option for the Poor A plea to be moved to compassionate action and social justice.
Who We Really Are A prayer for truth and perseverance in the face of tragedy.