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Birthday of Theodore Roosevelt (PDP) A salute to maximum aliveness and the strenuous life.
Birthday of Arthur Miller (PDP) A tribute to the writer who explored the different meanings of the American dream.
Birthday of William Penn (PDP) Remembering the Quaker leader who was an ardent advocate of liberty and peace.
Birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt (PDP) A celebration of the former First Lady of the United States who set a high standard of leadership and activism.
Birthday of Philip Berrigan (PDP) Honoring the life and courage of a priest who became a voice for sanity through his nonviolent war resistance.
Anniversary of Integration at Central High in Little Rock (PDP) Recalling the courage of the Little Rock Nine at Central High School.
Birthday of Upton Sinclair (PDP) Honoring the Pulitzer-prize winning author and muckraker.
The Birthday of Greenpeace An appreciation of the international non-governmental organization renowned for environmental advocacy.
The Gospel according to James Baldwin A journey with James Baldwin.
The Gospel according to James Baldwin Excellent summary of Baldwin’s prophetic witness.