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Play at Work A spark to ignite some lightheartedness at work.
Build a Relationship Economy Urging to put relationships at the forefront of your personal spending and your business interactions.
Go Interest-Free An invitation to consider the merits and applicability of an interest-free equity finance system.
Be Thrifty Consideration of what being thrifty means to you and yours.
Cultivate Financial Literacy Tips for making sure every member of the family understands personal spending and government spending.
Prayer for Work Winifred Holtby's Prayer for Work and Life
Hire People Who Are Differently Abled Incitement to actively recruit and retain persons who are differently abled.
Pause Counsel for integrating brief respites into your workday.
Reframe Work Jargon Prompting to evaluate, and perhaps revise, the language we use at work.
Send Holy Emails An invitation to practice loving your neighbors with every email.