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The Bounty An intricate layered character study and colorful adventure saga.
The Lords of Discipline Offers a hard look at the military mystique of honor, loyalty, and discipline.
Lola A well-acted film which showcases Rainer Werner Fassbinder's laser-sharp social consciousness.
Clean Slate A compelling offbeat morality play.
Grendel Grendel Grendel An amusing and philosophically rich animated film.
Thief Embues the crime story genre with fresh sophistication.
Choice of Arms A French crime drama that emphasizes the different shades of morality rather than thrills.
The Long Riders A well-done film about the legendary Jesse James.
One Wild Moment Depicts four characters who dance nimbly around ethical questions in this French film about love.
Adhering to ethics is like building the foundation Adhering to ethics is like building the foundation