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Healing is always asking us to step inside the circle Healing is always asking us to step inside the circle
The Exorcism of Emily Rose A gripping supernatural thriller about the continuing clash in our society between the forces of reason and science and the forces of faith and religion.
The English Patient An enthralling movie about the violent upheavals of war and the healing power of love.
Learning to Fall Salutes the spiritual practice of attention as a passport to meaning in our lives.
Healing Zen A nurturing book filled with wonderful stories, sayings, and illustrative material.
The Wisdom of Pelicans A well-written memoir of a dark night of the soul that shows how a sacramental reading of the world can open the door to grace.
Heart of Forgiveness Demonstrates the transformative powers of this spiritual practice.
Healing as a Sacred Path Envisions a future when more people will read the inherent spiritual teachings in their illnesses and call upon a variety of helpers for assistance in their recoveries.
Towers of Hope Expands the horizons of our understanding of healing, providing good medicine for our souls in these times of anxiety and insecurity.
Shaman, Healer, Sage Explains ancient Inka healing practices.