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Superman II A lively spree brimming over with action and adventure.
The Fifth Musketeer An old fashioned film fare.
The Big Sleep Robert Mitchum's wry and worldly depiction of Marlowe, an intrepid detective.
Farewell, My Lovely A romantic detective story that harkens back to a time when even gumshoes had their own moral code.
Where True Heroes Belong A poem by KidSpirit Online contributor Athena Lehnert De Smet.
Batman Begins New life for this franchise thanks to director Nolan's attention to character and storyline over stylized fights and chases.
Lives of Moral Leadership Holds up the lives and deeds of his moral heroes, those who have spurred him on to purposeful action.
Spider-Man 2 This entertaining film takes comic book action to a new level of possibility with its sensitivity to its characters' emotions.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome A film filled with metaphysical touches and Mel Gibson as a formidable warrior.
Superman III Superman fighting a super computer with a mind of its own.