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Mad Max: Fury Road An action drama about survival, heroism, and teamwork.
Happy Feet Two A lively animated film with its quirky characters and the heroism of animals banding together in face of an eco-disaster that threatens them all.
Happy Feet A triumphant, playful, and deeply spiritual animation classic by the Australian genius behind Babe.
Babe: Pig in the City The delightful sequel where Babe again comes across as a great moral exemplar of kindness.
Zeus and Roxanne Shows how the playfulness of animals can engender the same qualities in humans.
Andre Based on a true story, demonstrates the incredible bond that some animals can feel toward human families.
Lorenzo's Oil The true story of two loving parents who fashion a miracle to save the life of their son afflicted with an orphan disease.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome A film filled with metaphysical touches and Mel Gibson as a formidable warrior.
Twilight Zone: The Movie Four directors explore the twilight zone in different segments.
The Road Warrior A rousing tale of survival set in a grim and violent future.