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Solaris A mesmerizing science fiction movie that will put you in touch with the mysterious nature of your memories and the yearnings of your heart.
A Pair of Parables Compels us to consider the marvels of the Kingdom of God in our lives today.
Time Regained The best way to savor this film is to let each vignette become an oar for rowing across the sea of Proust's memories.
Two Bits A bittersweet coming-of-age tale about sexuality, love, loss, and forgiveness.
A Pure Formality A convincing psychological thriller that challenges us to consider the thin line between fantasy and reality.
The Sense of an Ending A thoughtful probe into the efforts of an elderly man to achieve closure in a past intimate relationship.
Barking Water A wonderful and liberating film about a dying Native American's final journey with a loving companion by his side.
The Fish Fall in Love (Mahiha Ashegh Mishavand) A delightful Iranian film about food, cooking, love, and redemption.
In the City of Sylvia A young man on a mission of love follows the yearning of his heart and savors the many delights of people watching in the city.
Chocolat A subtle and captivating portrait of colonial Africa and racial tensions.