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Mark Collins in On the Road to Emmaus Maybe one day we'll grow weary of whining
Long-Standing, Recurrent, Painful Patterns A 15-minute embodied imagination practice for transforming recurring upset or conflict.
Ramon Lull quoted in God Hunger Tell us, Lover! Do you possess riches?
Anthony de Mello in Awareness The world is right because
Be Gentle with Your Body Don't buy into cultural projections.
Steer Clear of a Litany of Fault-finding Acknowledging virtues in those we dislike.
Sue Bender in Everyday Sacred On the day of their marriage
Dov Ber ben Avraham of Mezeritch in Hasidic Wisdom Sometimes you have to rake through many ashes...
Carol Bly in The Force of Spirit It is not natural for our minds to be
Zopa Rinpoche in Transforming Problems into Happiness By habitually seeing as a problem