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To Rome with Love A multi-story film with warnings about the dangers and delusions of love, marriage, fame, and the need to control everything that shows up in our lives.
Composing a Further Life A fresh and soulful examination of Adulthood II, a new stage of life preceding old age.
The Big Shift A path-breaking work about making the most out of the transition between midlife and old age.
When a person reaches the age of retirement When a person reaches the age of retirement
Birthday of Maggie Kuhn (PDP) Celebrating the pioneering work and accomplishments of the founder of the Gray Panthers (1972), a network of older people dedicated to fighting ageism.
45 Years A powerful portrait of a loving wife who finds herself impaled upon the emotional cross of jealousy.
Getting Older Better Ideas and insights on a wide range of subjects for women living in the other country of age.
The Next America A hugely informative and insightful look at upcoming generational clashes.
Shock of Gray A bold and brilliantly written and organized book on the aging of the world's population and what it all means.
90 at 90 Reflections from a long-lived Christian minister on the great mysteries of faith and life.