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Meditations from a Movable Chair Andre Dubus devotion to the Eucharist.
Thirst Forty-three new poems on attention, wonder, faith, and grieving
The Practical Mystic A cross-cut of excerpts from the writings of Evelyn Underhill on mysticism and the practice of spirituality.
Nature as Spiritual Practice A presentation of nature as a place of wonder, mystery, and transformation which plays a part in the Christian adventure of faith.
Catholic Spiritual Practices A handy resource on a wide range of Catholic prayer, care, and spiritual growth practices.
Running the Spiritual Path Roger D. Joslin's explanation of how to make a run a ritual of devotion.
A Place Like Any Other Molly Wolf on loving touch of sacramental rites.
Lessons of the Heart Celebrates the values of everyday spirituality
Soil and Sacrament The spiritual dimensions of food, gardens, and ecological communities.
Thanking & Blessing - The Sacred Art Presents a whole series of spiritual practices growing out of gratitude.