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Brenda Dunne in Cybergrace I think that anthropomorphizing our machines
The Sleep Solution Tailor-made resource for those yearning for better sleep as good medicine for the body, mind, and soul.
The Mystery of Sleep A down-to-earth and edifying overview of sleep's rewards and the problems with sleep deprivation.
Anatomy of Love An enlightening and entertaining map of the adventure of love.
The Life Project A fascinating report on of a study of five generations of children in England.
The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs More than 850 tips for navigation, forecasting, tracking, and nature walks.
Flowers Are Calling Beautifully illustrated explanations of all the beings involved in the pollination of flowers.
Anatomy of a Rose A valentine to the beauty of these wonders.
A Brief History of The Smile A fascinating and erudite overview of this culturally diverse human phenomenon.
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot 28 exercises for improving your cognitive abilities.