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Kabir Two poems by Kabir on unity.
The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy An excellent anthology of poems about the twists and surprising turns of the spiritual path.
News of the Universe A soul-stirring collection of poems.
The Sibling Society A hard-hitting critique of the United States as a nation of half-adults.
The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy William Stafford's poem "Roll Call" about reverence.
Mirabai A version of one of the ecstatic poems of the fifteenth century poet and saint Mirabai.
Mirabai Wonderful examples of the spiritual practices of yearning, devotion, and transformation.
The Lightning Should Have Fallen on Ghalib Thirty ghazals or poetic conversations with the Beloved.
A Society of Siblings A stinging critique of selfishness and amorality.
News of the Universe A wonderful multicultural anthology.