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Conquer Jealousy Helpful thoughts on letting go of envy.
The Palace Thief A collection of moral tales which compel us to look at the values which operate in our lives.
The Talented Mr. Ripley Comes across as a rigorous moral study of envy.
Beau Travail An imaginative drama about the dire effects of envy, that vicious emotion that spreads pain and agony eveywhere it reaches.
Writing Past Dark A helpful handbook for writers on dealing with obstacles to creativity.
King of the Gypsies A fine wedding of craft and creativity.
Let Go Buddhist ideas on the value and problem of making comparisons.
It is important to be grateful for others It is important to be grateful for others
The Sense of Being Stared At Rupert Sheldrake on the evil eye representing the shadow side of envy.
World on Fire Keen insights into reasons why America is hated and resented by millions of people.