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Play exists for its own sake Play exists for its own sake
Sabbath keeping is a spiritual strategy Sabbath keeping is a spiritual strategy
The Way of Anticipation The Way of Anticipation
Meeting the Moment as a Friend This is one of my favorite practices. It's one that Sylvia Boorstein, one of our Living Spiritual Teachers, uses regularly — reciting, usually silently, these two sentences: "May I meet this mo…
Thank Your Body For Taking Charge Thank your body for taking such good care of you.
Shakuhachi Sleep Music Good medicine for sleep-deprived people.
Walking Home After Work Letting go of the work day.
Why People Don't Have Hobbies Tim Wu's excellent opinion piece last fall in The New York Times, "In Praise of Mediocrity," has stuck with me because he talks about why people don't have a hobby — and I am one of those people. …
A Date with Yourself Doing something special for yourself.
Stretching Lessons A touch of humor about needing to struggle to find ease.