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The Soul of Politics
Puts forward an ethically rooted and socially responsible political vision.
Hyperlinked Life
A probe of the wonders and pitfalls of our digital domain.
Savage Inequalities
A hard-hitting indictment of governmental and societal indifference to the plight of students attending inner city schools.
In the Heart of the Temple
A soul-stirring collection of articles that give equal emphasis to contemplation and social action.
Reclaiming Spirituality
A celebration of the spiritual renaissance of our time as an alternative to religious fanaticism and indifference.
A riveting account of a middle-aged woman's experience with this chronic condition.
Wrestling with the Prophets
15 essays on the sources of renewal for Christianity.
Dorothy Day
Draws together excerpts from her books, articles, and columns.
Let Them Call Me Rebel
A rousing biography of this social reformer.
In America
The full screenplay with commentary by director Jim Sheridan and his daughters Noami and Kirsten.