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Dakota Kathleen Norris on how gossip can create connections in a community.
Dakota A classic study by a poet plumbing the spiritual depths of her life and the spirituality of place.
Acedia & Me Kathleen Norris on starting over after suffering from depression and acedia.
Acedia & Me An incisive and edifying memoir and meditation on acedia, a debilitating condition of the soul.
40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris A 40-day encounter with brief quotations from the writings of Christian teacher, poet, and preacher Kathleen Norris.
Amazing Grace Kathleen Norris on openness.
The Cloister Walk A spiritual memoir recounting the poet's experiences at a Benedictine monastery.
Letting Go of Second Guessing God Shares her enthusiasm for the beauties and bounties of monastic life.
Amazing Grace An examination of some of the most daunting and loaded Christian terms.