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How Can I Help? Ram Dass and Paul Gorman on the experience of helping and caring for each other.
May We Recognize the Spirit A short prayer for recognizing the presence of the sacred in everyone.
Walking Each Other Home Teachings for reflection on death, dying, fear, and letting go of attachments.
Ram Dass A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Ram Dass, teacher of Eastern religion, compassionate service, and conscious aging.
Still Here Ram Dass on the persistent challenge of being present.
Grist for the Mill A challenging and enlightening collection of speeches and lectures by Ram Dass on his spiritual journey.
Polishing the Mirror The renown teacher's commentary on the practices and insights of his wisdom teachings from the past 50 years.
Polishing the Mirror Ram Dass on how wisdom does not diminish with age.
Still Here A very inspiring and wise book about healing by a spiritual teacher whose close brush with death has become for him an opportunity for transformation.