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Pure Awareness A meditation to help you identify with your Higher Self rather than your mind and senses.
Choose Your Own A powerful practice for trying to love everyone.
How Can I Help? Ram Dass and Paul Gorman on the experience of helping and caring for each other.
May We Recognize the Spirit A short prayer for recognizing the presence of the sacred in everyone.
Walking Each Other Home Teachings for reflection on death, dying, fear, and letting go of attachments.
Spiritual Legacy The value of passing on the story of your life.
Just-Like-Me Compassion Meditation A meditation with phrases to help you see how others are like you.
Last Words Ram Dass on the tradition of spiritual teachers planning their last words.
Guidelines for Being a Loving Rock for the Dying Good advice for caregivers and others on being truly present.
Ram Dass A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Ram Dass, teacher of Eastern religion, compassionate service, and conscious aging.