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The Root of War Is Fear Prophetic and passionate words from Thomas Merton on war, disarmament, nonviolence, protests, and peace.
Choosing to Love the World Thomas Merton on mystery and the existence of grace.
A Book of Hours Thomas Merton on forgetting ourselves and joining in the joy of the cosmic dance (in a book compiled by Kathleen Deignan).
Passion for Peace Thomas Merton's essay "The Root of War Is Fear," which examines the spiritual practice of peace.
The Inner Experience Thomas Merton's praises of the virtues of the contemplative life.
Seeds Thomas Merton on ways to overcome hatred and learn to love one's enemies.
Seeking Paradise Thomas Merton on some of the grace notes that can come from the diligent and humble work done in service of God.
Seeking Paradise Salutes this community's equation of work and prayer, their high-esteem of beauty and simplicity, and their superb craftsmanship.
The Wisdom of the Desert On trusting God to tell you what to do.
Alfred Delp, SJ On real, genuine power being deeply rooted in the divine.