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Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World A bold comedy about a whiny American comedian who sets out to prove that humor can be a good tool for diplomacy.
The Muse Squeezes out plenty of laughs at the expense of the Hollywood film community.
Mother Cuts to the quick with its illuminating insights into why parents and their adult children sometimes have trouble accepting each other as real people.
Defending Your Life Witty writing and fine performances by the ensemble cast make this afterlife comedy a total delight.
Lost in America A well-realized and very relevant movie that manages to make us ponder the quiet desperation of our working lives and the sharp edges of our fantasies.
Almost You A slight but quite revealing glimpse of a Yuppie couple's marital crisis.
Modern Romance Explores the dangers of possesive love.
Real Life Funny in spots but remarkable mostly for its Socratic open-endedness.
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