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Director's Comments on Half Moon The Kurdish director Bahman Ghabadi, on his film about a musician's quest to sing again in Iraq.
A Time for Drunken Horses An Iranian film about poverty-stricken children who demonstrate self-sacrificial love as they assume adult responsibilities on their small shoulders.
An Interview with Bahman Ghobadi An interview with the director of the Iranian film Turtles Can Fly
No One Knows About Persian Cats A tribute to Tehran's underground indie-bands rebelling against a law that forbids them to play rock music.
Half Moon An uplifting drama by Kurdish writer and director Bahman Ghobadi about music as the soul's expression of freedom in the face of death and repression.
Turtles Can Fly A mesmerizing film set in Iraq that deals with the fallout from both dictators and liberators on the torn lives of children living in refugee camps.
Half Moon
Marooned in Iraq - Gomgashtei dar Aragh The adventures of an elderly Kurdish musician and his two grown sons on a mission of mercy in Iraq's danger zones and refugee camps.