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Me and You A coming-of-age drama about a boy whose dream of being alone is shattered when his older half-sister brings him back to messy reality.
The Dreamers Explores the twilight realm of longing where three youth embark on a voyage of discovery.
Besieged A compelling drama about sacrificial love.
Stealing Beauty Depicts a 19-year-old's sexual coming of age while visiting an artist's estate in Italy.
Little Buddha A well-realized parable about Siddhartha, the Dalai Lama, reincarnation, and a boy's journey of discovery and death.
The Sheltering Sky Transports us to an exotic alien world where we are brought face-to-face with the compulsions and yearnings that lie behind our alternating love and fear of life.
The Last Emperor An eye-opening epic and an intimate portrait of a man who never really tastes the joys of freedom.
Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man Comes across as a parable about a son who dies and is reborn.