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A Teaching Mare A quarter horse mare teaches an observer to trust her feelings.
Wolf Nation A fascinating description of the purposes of wolf howls and what happens when humans join in.
Wolf Nation A celebration of the mystery and magnificence of wild wolves.
Your Life Is a Book A memoir writer and a literary agent on how reading makes us more human.
Your Life Is a Book A recommended resource for those getting ready to write a memoir.
Nature and Other Mothers Brenda Peterson on the mysteries of the watery regions of the Northwest U.S.
I Want to Be Left Behind A well-written and consistently compelling spiritual memoir from a lover of the Earth and all creatures.
I Want to Be Left Behind Brenda Peterson on a community of people who look after seals in Seattle and realize that the seals have brought them together.
Living by Water Demonstrates the author's mystical appreciation for the natural world and especially water.
Face to Face A superb anthology of essays that offer many insights, wonders, and surprises.