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Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding Story of a mother-daughter reunion transforming both women; another triumph from director Bruce Beresford.
Mao's Last Dancer A dynamic and captivating bio-drama of a gifted young ballet dancer from communist China and his quest for respect, love, and a new life of freedom.
Evelyn A touching Irish drama about a nurturing father's strenuous efforts to keep his family together.
Bride of the Wind A biodrama about the wife of Gustav Mahler whose life reveals the anguish that can ensue when the artist within is not given its due.
Paradise Road A triumphant celebration of the human spirit in the face of suffering.
Rich In Love A satisfying screen version of Josephine Humphrey's 1978 novel about the education of a young woman's sentiments about love and marriage.
Black Robe A spiritual classic and a compelling tale of adventure in the wilderness of 17th century Canada.
Mister Johnson A richly nuanced and well-acted screen version of Joyce Cary's 1839 novel.
Crimes of the Heart A bittersweet comedy that is funny, inventive, and affecting.
The Fringe Dwellers A sensitive cross-cultural study about an aboriginal family in Australia.