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Carl McColman A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Carl McColman, a lay Cistercian who writes, speaks, and gives retreats on contemplative faith.
Unteachable Lessons Why prayer is like kissing.
Unteachable Lessons Excerpt A lesson from the mystics on trusting God.
Unteachable Lessons A generous probing of the stages of the spiritual journey from a deeply personal perspective.
Promises of the Heart The centrality in all traditions of a metaphor that calls us to prayer, reconciliation, joy, and service.
Poetry and Prayer from the Celtic Tradition Wisdom and lore from the Celts for every seeker.
The Little Book of Christian Mysticism A profound little book with nuggets of wisdom from Christian mystics across the centuries.
Celtic Spirituality An e-course exploring Celtic wisdom and poetry
Christian Mystics Refreshing and adventuresome profiles of visionaries, confessors, poets, soul friends, and wisdom keepers.
Christian Mystics Good advice on how to read the mystics, including allowing yourself to have favorites.