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Carl McColman in 366 Celt Hospitality is basically the generosity shown to strangers
Carl McColman in 366 Celt Celtic wisdomkeepers consisted of the seers
Carl McColman in 366 Celt "Devotion" literally means "of the expression of a vow."
Carl McColman in 366 Celt Wonder comes and goes
Carl McColman A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Carl McColman, a lay Cistercian who writes, speaks, and gives retreats on contemplative faith.
366 Celt
Christian Mystics Refreshing and adventuresome profiles of visionaries, confessors, poets, soul friends, and wisdom keepers.
Poetry and Prayer from the Celtic Tradition Wisdom and lore from the Celts for every seeker.
Christian Mystics Good advice on how to read the mystics, including allowing yourself to have favorites.
366 Celt Carl McColman on devotional spirituality involving making a deep commitment to honor or worship or venerate the object of faith.