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Ancestral Earth A meditation for seeing stardust and the earth as your ancestor.
Pilgrimage of the Imagination A meditation for imagining a pilgrimage to the saint of your choosing.
Calling the Four Archangels A bedtime meditation for calling upon the archangels and the sacred feminine.
Connecting to a Guardian Angel A meditation for resting in a visual or felt sense of your guardian angel and the arms of the Beloved.
Making Room for Your Own Grief A meditation and breath prayer for something you are grieving right now.
Lectio Divina with Myth or Folktale Excerpt A meditation prayer for a myth, fairy tale, folktale, or other story from the culture of an ancestor.
Calling on the Gate of Heaven An everyday way to practice seeing heaven everywhere.
Calling on Mary – The Air We Breathe Inspiration to enliven our spiritual growth with breath prayer.
Calling on Queen of Peace A blessing to embody the way of peace.
Calling on Mother of Mercy A blessing for living in the way of mercy.