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Untie the Strong Woman A poetic and passionate, wild and lyrical spiritual journey into the Sacred Feminine in all her varied guises and glories.
Untie the Strong Woman Clarissa Pinkola Estes on how the Blessed Mother is written into our souls.
The Dangerous Old Woman Daring and dramatic tales of old women as creative souls and visionaries.
Mother Night Stories that spur your creativity and imagination as you fly with the owls and undergo the soul-stirring process of seeing in the dark.
The Faithful Gardener A parabolic story about the bounties of the natural world.
Women Who Run with the Wolves Explores various ways to reclaim and care for our souls.
Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories: A Unique Guided Relaxation Program for Falling Asleep and Entering the World of Dreams by Clarissa Pinkola Estes salutes sleep, dreams, and renewal in ways that sooth, delight, and en…