Within every woman is a soul-singer, a wild thing, and a creative force of power and passion. In Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype Clarissa Pinkola Estes explores various ways in which women can reclaim this soul-self.

The author, a Jungian analyst and an accomplished storyteller, uses multicultural myths and folk tales to put women in touch with this "Wild Woman." Dr. Estes has distilled over 20 years of study, observation, and research into a watershed work on women's spirituality. It was one of the best books of 1992.

In her telling analysis of "Bluebeard," for example, the author challenges women to keep alive their curiosity and not allow their souls to be stunted, ignored or senselessly restrained. The tale of "Vasalisa" opens up and sheds light on the invaluable asset of intuition while "Manawee" offers a meditation upon the seven tasks that are part and parcel of "loving another deeply and well." Other legends and tales explore the numinous qualities of the body, the creative life, sacred sexuality, rage and forgiveness, and the panorama of women's initiation and its tasks.

Dr. Estes offers new roads of access to those wild places inside where meaning, passion, creativity, and joy reside. We highly recommend Women Who Run with the Wolves as an uncommonly good companion for your spiritual journey.